Hanging Baskets

Come see our wonderful selection of over 10,000 hanging sun and shade baskets.

We carry 10″ baskets, 12″ baskets, side shoots, pouches, and wire baskets.

All our hanging baskets are planted and grown in our greenhouse on our farm.  The following varieties are available while supplies last.

Argyranthemum, Bacopa, Begonia-Wax, Begonia-Dragon Wing, Begonia-Hiemalis,  Begonia-Non-Stop, Black Eyed Susan,  Browallia,  Diamond Frost, Diascia, Evolvulus,  Fuschia, Impatiens-Double, Impatiens, Impatiens-Sunpatiens, Impatiens-New Guinea, Ivy Geranium, Geranium,  Lobelia,  Lophospermum,  Lysimachia, Petunia,  Phlox, Portulaca,  Scaevola,  Snapdragon, Strawflower,  Torenia,  Verbena, & Vinca,

We plant over 1000 combo hanging baskets that our planters have designed for us.  All custom hanging baskets are a minimum of 3 different annuals designed to form a fabulous floral arrangement in a hanging basket.   Watch our website for the dates of our Annual Hanging Basket Sale in May!